Rapidly Transforming Hemispheric Security Threat Environment in Latin America: ICAIE Briefing to SOUTHCOM, 9 June 2023

An honor for ICAIE to brief U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) and other partners in Miami this week on the Rapidly Transforming Hemispheric Threat Environment including transnational organized crime, illicit trade, terrorist financing, money laundering/TBML and corruption across Latin America. ICAIE collaborates across sectors to leverage threat intelligence and harness collective action to disrupt and dismantle transnational threat networks and crime convergence harms globally.

(ICAIE SOUTHCOM June 2023 PowerPoint Presentation)

ICAIE is a global leader on finding pathfinding solutions through innovative evidence-based research, analytics, technologies, and OSINT information-sharing exchanges to further advance public-private partnerships to combat illicit economies, criminalized states/markets, kleptocracies, money laundering safe havens, hubs of illicit trade, and professional enablers that are driving greater instability, insecurity, and corruption across around the world.

Criminal alliances between autocrats, criminals, and state-sponsored illicit networks (criminal authoritarianism) are weakening democratic governance, the rule of law, and market security adverse to American national interests and U.S. economic competitiveness and commercial trade and investment opportunities.

Surfacing bad actors, synaptic illicit nodes, and neural criminal networks is mission critical towards safeguarding global peace and security: Learn more about the International Coalition Against Illicit Economies (ICAIE) here.