The ICAIE report and recommendations outline the importance of public-private partnerships to counter illicit trade and TBML. ICAIE highlights the importance of leveraging strategic intelligence, network analytics, and pattern-of-life forensics to disrupt the logistics, financial wherewithal, and corruptive influence of criminals and their complicit enablers across borders, trade hubs, illicit economies, free trade zones (FTZs), and vulnerable ports. While the report has a focus on the Americas, it also illuminates the convergence of transnational criminal activities and illicit financial threats across other regions and global supply chains.

The Dark Side of Illicit Economies and TBML: Free Trade Zones, Ports, and Financial Safe Havens

The ICAIE report, "The Dark Side of Illicit Economies and...
This study examines how the government of Argentina has allowed the PRC to take over multiple strategic interests, including the vital lithium trade. China’s ability to create a deeply uneven playing field through corrupt practices and deception, with the complicity of the Argentine national and provincial governments, not only shields PRC companies from fair competition, but also from accountability, environmental oversight and community participation.  Douglas Farah,
IBI Consultants, LLC,
March 2023

New Report: The PRC, Feudal Governors and No Accountability – LITHIUM MINING IN ARGENTINA’S NORTHWEST DISTRICT

This study examines how the government of Argentina has allowed...
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Joint Action Against Illicit Trade That Fuels Conflict and Endangers Human Security Across Borders

David M. Luna Chair, Anti-Illicit Trade Expert Group (AITEG) Business...
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Deputy ED, Josh Potter, Speaks at Abrigo ThinkBIG Conference in TX

Deputy Executive Director, Joshua Potter, spoke at the Abrigo ThinkBIG...

Joshua Potter, Deputy ED, Participated in PMI’s Certificate on Illegal Trade

Joshua Potter, Deputy Executive Director of the International Coalition Against...
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ICAIE Applauds President Biden for His Commitment To Fight Transnational Organized Crime

Today, President Biden is taking decisive action to detect, disrupt,...

ICAIE ED Helps Launch New OECD Report on E‑Commerce Challenges in Illicit Trade in Fakes

Fighting Illicit Trade Across E-Commerce Platforms, Online Marketplaces, and Digital World...