ICAIE About us 2023

About ICAIE: Information and Strategic Overview 2023-2024

The World is Changing at a Breathtaking Pace

Today’s global security landscapes are characterized by convergence: the merging and blending of an ever-expanding array of bad actors and threat networks. In an interconnected world, the pipelines linking illicit industries and criminalized ecosystems cut across borders, infiltrate and corrupt public institutions and legitimate markets, penetrate fragile governments, and undercut the interests and security of all market stakeholders across the international community.

In this globalized, networked world, the uneven application of cross-border enforcement enables bad actors and threat networks to exploit governance gaps, enable corruption, arbitrage differences in regulatory policies, and manipulate chaos and insecurity to extract maximum illegal profits and expand illicit economies.

Indispensable Leadership: Results-Oriented and Innovation Solutions

The International Coalition Against Illicit Economies (ICAIE) is a national security-centric NGO based in Washington DC. ICAIE continues to bring global leadership in advancing public-private partnerships to counter illicit economies, criminalized trade, counterfeits, illegal opioids, cybercrime, money laundering/ trade-based money laundering (TBML), threat finance, corruption and other criminality.

ICAIE brings together committed champions across sectors and communities, including former members of the public sector, companies and prominent organizations from the private sector and civil society to mobilize collective action to combat cross-border illicit threats. ICAIE advances innovative energies through cross-sectoral collaborations, policy dialogues, and transformative threat intelligence and risk management.